UK–Dutch Battlegroup

UK–Dutch Battlegroup
Active1 January 2010 – 30 June 2010[1][2]
Country United Kingdom
Allegiance European Union
BranchEU Battlegroup
TypeRapid reaction force
Part ofEuropean Union Military Staff
Garrison/HQLondon, United Kingdom
Military unit

The UK–Dutch Battlegroup[3] or UK/NL EUBG 2010 (Dutch: Brits-Nederlandse Battlegroup[4] or Nederlands-Britse Battlegroup)[5] is an EU Battlegroup led by the United Kingdom, in which the Netherlands also participate. It was on standby during the first half of 2010, simultaneously with Battlegroup I-2010.[1][2]

The core of the battlegroup was formed by the United Kingdom/Netherlands Amphibious Force (UK/NL AF), that has existed since 1972.[4][6][7]

Composition and equipment

The Dutch provided the 11th Infantry Company of the Korps Mariniers, mortar support, medical support, a logistics detachment, a senior national representative and personnel for a combined headquarters staff. Within the battlegroup, the marines company is embedded in the 42 Commando Royal Marines.[5]


In late November 2009, UK/NL EUBG 2010 conducted exercises, codenamed "Orange Marauder" in the Salisbury Plain Training Area. Evacuation operations, convoy escorting and patrolling, as well as staff functioning, were trained.[5]


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