EUBG 2014 II

EUBG 2014 II
EUBG 2014-2
EUBG 2014-2.jpeg
Active1 July 2014 – 31 December 2014
Country Belgium
 North Macedonia
Allegiance European Union
BranchEU Battlegroup
SizeEstimates vary: 2,500;[1] 3,000;[2] 3,500;[3] 3,700.[4]
Colonel Philippe Boucké[5]
Military unit

EUBG 2014 II or EUBG 2014-2 is an EU Battlegroup consisting of around 3,000 troops from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, the Netherlands and North Macedonia. It was on standby from 1 July until 31 December 2014.[2][3]

Composition and equipment

EUBG 2014 II included approximately 745 Dutch soldiers:[2]

  • 14 CV90s with 220 infantry troops;
  • 14 Bushmasters with 180 Airmobile Brigade troops;
  • 2 Helicopter detachments (Chinooks) with 180 troops;
  • 65 members of staff for the Belgian Force Headquarters and Infantry Task Force;
  • 100 National Support Element detachment (logistics and field medics).

Belgium provided most troops: 1,800 soldiers.[1] It formed a binational Infantry Task Force with the Netherlands, consisting of 4 infantry combat units. The 2 Dutch units were one heavy infantry company and one air-assault company; the 2 Belgian units were one light infantry company on Dingo 2s and a company of Piranha IIICs with DF90 (Direct Fire capability 90mm cannon).[5][4] The Belgian helicopter group consisted of 6 Agusta 109s.[5]

Germany provided CH-53 “Stallion” transport helicopters.[5]

Spain provided field artillery (155mm cannon[4]), a Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) unit and an air-defence platoon.[5] There was also a team of Belgian and Spanish engineers, and psy ops capabilities.[4]

Luxembourg provided a reconnaissance company.[5]

North Macedonia was an exceptional participant, as the country is neither an EU nor NATO member.[1]


Dutch artillery exercise during "Rampant Lion".

In late February 2014, EUBG 2014 II held an exercise codenamed "Rampant Lion" in Grafenwöhr, Germany.[5][4] In June 2014, EUBG 2014 II conducted a training exercise in the Ardennes, codenamed "Quick Lion", to prevent ethnic violence between the "Greys" and the "Whites" in the imaginary country of "Blueland".[6][1]


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